The following resources will give you some ideas for how to lead your congregation, small group, or family to pray for camp ministry.


10 Prayer Points for Camp

  1. Pray for families as they consider camp (attending and/or serving), that registrations will come in and that the weeks will fill up.

  2. Pray for the campers; that they will have an awesome experience and above all, desire to follow Jesus; pray for lives and families to be transformed by the message of the Gospel. Pray that lasting friendships will be made.

  3. Pray for godly men and women to work at camp this summer (cabin leaders, cooks, maintenance, health officers, lifeguards, etc.) Pray for good health through the summer, for wisdom and grace as they work with campers.

  4. Pray for those leaders serving at camp year-round; that their family life will be strengthened, particularly during the busy summer season.

  5. Pray for camp speakers; as they prepare their topics, for wisdom and creativity, for health and grace when it comes time to present. Pray that the Gospel message will be clearly explained.

  6. Pray for safety at camp: during skills and activities (swimming, archery, biking, climbing, etc.), during times of travel to and from camp, and within the camps, for protection against natural disasters (wildfires, floods, tornadoes, etc.).

  7. Pray for facilities issues, ie. that buildings will stay in good repair, that appliances will work well, that equipment will function well, etc.

  8. Pray for camp finances; that needs will be met abundantly.

  9. Pray for post-summer follow-up; that cabin leaders and other camp staff would feel burdened to stay in contact with campers throughout the year, that discipleship would happen.

  10. Pray for camp board members as they work to develop vision for camping ministry and support those on the front-lines.

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10 Creative TIPS

  1. Invite someone from congregation to speak about their camp experience. Could capture one-minute videos beforehand of camp stories

  2. Invite someone connected to a local camp to speak (ie. special feature, sermon)

  3. During the pastoral prayer, pray for camps and campers.

  4. Show the Day of Prayer for Camp promotional video and/or PowerPoint slides during your service. (still to be developed)

  5. Engage the kids; during Sunday school, kids’ club or another time: Put up a tent, Have s’mores as a snack, Decorate to feel like outdoors, Talk about why it is important to pray for camp, and do so, Invite them to share their camp experiences

  6. Pray through the Ten Ways to Pray prayer points as a large group (eg. have an integrated prayer time where individuals throughout the congregation can stand and pray short sentence prayers).

  7. During the service, ask the congregation to gather in small groups to pray: Provide a hand out of Ten Ways to Pray. Show slides of each prayer point.

  8. Invite families and the church’s small groups to pray for camps throughout the week. Use the Ten Ways to Pray as the guide.

  9. Include some classic camp songs during your worship time. (eg. How Great Thou Art, Amazing Grace, Peace Like A River)

  10. Challenge the congregation to wear their camp T-shirts to church and after the worship service hold a camp-themed potluck (eg. hotdogs!) and give a prize for the oldest/newest/most creative shirt.



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